Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relative Belief

Will I raise my child to be able to choose whatever religion fits her best? No. I could do that if I didn't believe my beliefs are true, but then they wouldn't be my beliefs. I don't believe they are true just for me and for someone else there is another reality any more than I believe gravity is different for different people. Now the way people approach their faith practices may be different. Completely open to lots of different ways to connect to God. And I don't think that our little minds have God figured out. I also don't think we have physics figured out. We are doing the best we can with both mysteries. So, I will teach my child that there is a God who is big and mysterious and loving and people have been trying to understand what that means and have even written down some of that figuring out and we can read about their stories in the bible and writings from theologians and stories from different people. I look forward to continuing to unpack the mystery with her.

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