Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been thinking about death lately. Promoted by an magazine article from Scientific America - Mind that I picked up in an airport. It wasn't even the article that made me buy the magazine, but I read it and now death in on the mind.
I have no idea what I believe happens to us when we die. Maybe there is something or maybe we are just dead, gone, no more, worm food. Whatever happens, it doesn't change anything about how I'm going to live now. Christ saves us for this life.
What I can't believe is that when someone dies they are aware of what is going on with us. That would be a terrible thing to have happen after death and is rather creepy as well. We want our loved ones to see our proud moments, but if they can see that then they can also see our grief after they died, when we sing to ourselves, taking a shower, making mistakes, and all those other big and small moments we'd rather not share with our dearly departed. Maybe they have a different perspective and don't look at these moments the same way we did, but that means they can not relate to us the way we are. That isn't a good alternative either. So, I'm going to stick with they don't have knowledge of what we are doing.
Why don't we all want to die? It is suppose to be wonderful. There are a ton of songs about reunions with loved ones and all the joy. If that is true, then we should just all die and get it over with. We spend so much time trying not to die. There must be something to this.
I have no answers. And I think I should stop thinking about this topic. So I'm going to search out something else to occupy my mind, and let death die for now.