Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did we replace God with the Bible?

This is a thought I had the other day. It isn't well thought out yet, but I wanted to ask the question. We can get really hung up on what does the bible say exactly, even as we understand that it was written by people and from their perspective. I'm not saying it isn't important or other people's stories are not important, but what I wonder about as we dissect words and phrases they may not have ever meant to be taken apart are we loosing track of the big picture. In other words, does God get replaced by the bible. Do we end up worshiping the book?

This being said, I will continue to dissect what I read, mostly to get to the story behind my cultural lenses written by someone else through their cultural lens. But the point is that it points to God. Perhaps we shouldn't hold on too strongly to the parts that just don't makes sense.

God is too big to be contained in a book.

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