Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Oh balance, how we love you. We (as in the great "we" of common wisdom) talk about how our lives should be in balance. How we should carefully balance between all the things we love to do and need to do. It is about finding the right balance between what should be doing and taking care of ourselves or find the balance between work and fun or being a parent and having a social life. Oh balance, you drive me crazy.
Instead of balance, how about passion! If we balance all the little things that we "should" be doing, we can loose passion for what we could be doing. The people who really make a difference aren't focused on a little of this and a little of that, like some well balanced meal. They are passionately living out their life's call. Perhaps they don't do all the things they "ought" to do, but who made that list anyway. Perhaps, sit down for this, they even had a dirty house because they weren't in balance and chose to work an extra hour or volunteer an extra hour or play with their kids or whatever it is their calling to do.
Some people may be concerned if we give too much, we won't have enough time for ourselves, enough "me time" to recharge. If what you are doing doesn't give you energy, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it. I'm not saying don't have down time, but if you schedule is full of draining activities that you have to get through so you can have the "me time" you want, then maybe you need to reevaluate your schedule. Or, change your attitude about what you are doing.

Get out of balance and live with passion.

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